injury rehab


If you’re struggling with a persistent sports-related injury and feeling uncertain about how to get back to full fitness, let us help.

Do you know why our clinic differs to normal sports injury clinics? We put a huge emphasis on getting you back to full fitness by utilising our onsite gym. It is not all small movements and therabands with us as we look to rebuild you into a stronger and more robust version of yourself than you ever were before.

Here at Chris Mears Health & Fitness, we don’t offer generic advice or one-size-fits-all exercise sheets, but instead provide you with specific, tailor made strategies to get you back to your best.

Injuries can be acute or chronic in nature.  The earlier you look to treat them the quicker the rehabilitation process is.  Chronic injuries that develop over time are a big contributor to pain, so expecting a niggle, ache or more serious injury that has developed through repetitive motion to disappear after just one session simply isn’t realistic.   

We place a huge focus on injury recurrence prevention, so our rehabilitation clients also receive comprehensive advice on how to adapt their training going forward in order to banish injuries for good.  

Here is how we can help you get back to full fitness:


Introductory Questionnaire

Pre Screen Questionnaire

We understand how busy our clients are.  However, by contacting us and completing the Pre Screening Questionnaire, we can maximise your time spent with us to delve in to the nuts and bolts of your aches and pains. 

Assessment and Action Plan

**Introductory Offer £35- Diagnosis of injuries can often be isolated to the point of discomfort.  An in-depth look at your point of pain, whole body movement and posture will help us to explore and identify the root cause of your injury.

With the root cause of your pain identified, an effective treatment plan is devised combining the most suitable treatment modalities.  

Follow Up

£25-£40 - If you want our advice, the fastest and most effective method of treatment to get you back to full fitness is by improving your strength and mobility which is why we have Strength and Prevention Programmes. For more info please click here.

However you might just want to touch base with a follow up session to see how you are progressing.


Would you like to take your rehab to the next level??


Exercise shouldn’t just stop when the niggle has disappeared. This is just the beginning. We want to get you to a place where you have so much confidence in your body’s ability to stay pain and injury free.

Which is why we created our Strength and Prevention Programmes that are performed in the gym accompanied by us and complemented by home programme support. Under our guidance we ensure your exercises are performed correctly and progressed effectively to enable you to be stronger and injury free to enjoy the sport and activities you love.

Film Consultation


Sometimes it’s not as simple as talking us through your sore elbow; we need to see you in action to understand an injury caused by a repetitive movement pattern. If you want to quash a sports-related injury for good, this is the way to go. We will:

  • Initial Consultation to understand your injury and issues

  • Film the troublesome movements

  • Use this to identify and talk you through the nature of the problem

  • Develop a comprehensive recovery programme, introduced via a PT session