words of praise from our clients...


I have been training with Chris now for almost two years. I initially asked him to help me get fit again after an operation in January 2016. I was trying on my own but needed motivation and goals to aim for. Chris helped with my strength and nutrition and by the end of that first year he had me running personal best times at 5km (i also dropped a few kgs).

I then set further goals - an ironman distance cycle and Chris guided me through the training programme and I completed that ride last July.
Having recently been diagnosed with ostoeoarthritis in my left hip - running is now a thing of the past but Chris has again helped me find my mojo and I am focused on cycling and swimming.

He knows me so well - he knows what works for me and I thoroughly recommend him.

- Hilary


I wanted to get my weight under control and balance fitness with my working life. So far I have lost 21kg (3 Stones) and 18% Body Fat! 

I love working with Chris - he's awesome! I'd recommend him immediately - in fact, get started today! 



I wanted to feel fitter, have more energy and lose some weight. I've now developed a love of exercise, lost over 3 stone, halved my body fat percentage, completed an ultra event walking 100 km non-stop from London to Brighton. I've also started running and have run a marathon (And a few other races)!

Working with Chris is challenging but rewarding. He has high standards but really understands how to get the best out of you and achieve things you perhaps didn’t think you were capable of. If your health and fitness is important to you then Chris is definitely the person to help you reach the goals you want to achieve.

- Jacqui


I initially contacted Chris with a painful knee. He has helped me get fitter, and subsequently I have lost weight, am able to move more and without the previous aches and pains! 

You’ve tried the rest, now try the best! Chris has a different, logical approach to eating and weight loss that really does work and is adaptable to normal living.



Dan contacted us looking to reduce his body fat and improve his fitness. We did exactly that. 7lbs down, 5% body fat and 7 minutes off his half marathon PB.



Billie joined our 14 Day Shape Up Programme in January and after a fantastic start decided to join our 8 Week Maintenance programme to consolidate all the information she had learnt and to continue with her success. Here is what she had to say…

“I started a course with Chris in January and haven't looked back! I've learnt so much about nutrition and fitness, I'm consistently losing weight whilst eating chocolate everyday - the dream! He's incredibly supportive and the group sessions I attend every week are fun and effective. If you are looking to tone up and lose weight, I would definitely recommend.”